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Eid-al-Adha Donations

Increased by 52%!



During the holiday, we thought of introducing the İDDEF foundation to users and including them in this aid campaign. We had to control the CPC and budget constantly due to the incredible competition between the competitors. It was necessary to persuade users to donate by attracting them to the website. We aimed to solve the problems by approaching this charity just like an e-commerce brand.


The Approach:

We targeted users who introduced İDDEF to users on Youtube and social media and watched at least half of these videos with remarketing. On the social media side, we attracted new users to our website with traffic and video access campaigns. In our conversion-oriented campaign, we achieved revenue by targeting lookalike audiences with these users and users visiting the site with remarketing. On the Google side, we activated the GDN and Discovery campaigns to obtain sessions, and in the search campaigns, we targeted the searches made by the users regarding the Eid al-Adha donation as keywords. With Criteo, we used the retargeting channel, which Google does not allow due to policy, and we obtained revenue by retargeting users who visited our website. In short, we implemented a funnel during this period, by attracting new users to our website, we convinced them to donate by retargeting them with retargeting campaigns.

Boostroas Boostroas

Hard work always pays


İDDEF achieved a 52% increase in revenue compared to last year in this year’s qurban donation aid campaign. This rise occurred in all channels.

Increase in donations


Conversion Rate


Increase in Average order value


Increase in session


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