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Valentine’s Day Revenue

Increased by 52%!



The right targeting in e-commerce brings sales. Regardless of which channel we get the best deals, giving more budget and effort to best campaigns is the most critical factor in increasing sales. We took insights from last year’s metrics for social media. What we learned from data is, we should use age groups and create separate communication on men and women gender groups. We should focus on product-oriented campaigns (such as carousels, dynamic). Accordingly, we opened 30+ campaigns and optimized them.

Another challenge is the budget allocation, we can lose a lot if we do not hold the end of the rope tightly because of the incredible competition, and search volume increased instantly near February 14. Campaign budgets were remarkably enough since February 10, but after that, relevant search volumes started to grow incredibly, and we need to reallocate. It was necessary to keep control by controlling the budget and aggressiveness a few times a day, especially in the last days.


The Approach:

Campaigns that we prioritized in this period were “brand search” and “smart shopping” campaigns. In social media, we kept current dynamic and carousel campaigns in a transformational way. We focused on bestsellers instead of advertising on all products and determined top keywords instead of aggressively on all keywords. We made a campaign targeting right to prevents unnecessary costs. We knew that the performance between 25-35 years is excellent on Valentine’s Day, it would be pointless for us to show the advertisement between 55-65 years old, so we didn’t spend money on this age range.

Boostroas Boostroas

Hard work always pays


Valentine’s Day period has ended by increasing the hediyesepeti.com’s revenue by 52% compared to last year. Considering our contribution to all channels – although there is a decline in Organic and direct channels for reasons that we do not have – we have finished our seasonal campaigns with an excellent income compared to last year.

Increase in revenue


Increase in session


Increase in impression


Increase in Average order value


Increase in new user


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Hear From Our Clients

"We have been working with the Boostroas team for a very long time. Thanks to its agile and disciplined team, we have been achieving successful results by making very good planning for years in a category where special periods such as gifts should be well evaluated. I am very pleased to be working with a team that does its job with pleasure and we can optimize campaigns that are pre-planned according to the target audience, platforms, and demographic data with instant touches when the last week is entered."

İlyas Erişmiş Founder & Managing Partner of Hediyesepeti

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