Gleam Land does not conduct UI/UX studies and doesn’t have a strong brand presence, which makes it difficult to have transactions from the website via the paid channel. Since the USA is such a large country and Amazon dominates the market, it is difficult to reach customers across the country if you have a small budget.


The Approach:

Five projects were successfully completed to overcome these challenges:

  • Location Targeting

It is near impossible to target the USA with a low budget. We initially targeted the entire country, then focused on high-performing states.

  • Shopping Product Optimization

In order to increase our income along with the viewing rates of our products, we set campaign-specific targets by dividing them into campaigns according to the revenue performance of the products. Observing product performance led us to diversify campaign targets.

  • GDN Dynamic Retargeting

Retargeting campaigns cannot be launched at Criteo and RTB because the brand doesn’t have enough sessions. A GDN retargeting campaign increased revenue by customizing the products they viewed to users who were viewing products on the website.

  • Social Media Funnel Strategy

While setting up a conversion campaign in the account, we used audience “watched at least 25% per cent of the videos” from previous video engagement campaigns and “engager audience” supported by Facebook. Re-engaging with our users allowed us to achieve higher conversions.

Additionally, Gleam Land website visitors were retargeted via catalogue campaigns. This gave us a chance to retarget users to products they were interested in.

  • Performance Max Campaign Strategy

Instead of targeting all products in the Performance Max campaign, we targeted the products that we did not achieve enough revenue by negating them from the shopping campaigns target in the Pmax campaign. As a result, we started to gain performance from products that we could not achieve.

Boostroas Boostroas

Hard work always pays


At the end of 2021, Gleam Land Revenue grew 870% across all channels. Sessions grew by 430%. In the Google Ads channel, the cost increased by 700%, but revenue increased by 1280%.


Overall Performance:

Google Ads Performance:

Increase in revenue


Increase in session


Increase in Average order value


Conversion Rate


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