Consumer shopping behaviors have changed drastically during the pandemic.

Increasing advertising costs with increasing competition.


Operation intensity due to too many ad accounts.


The Approach:

We increased our advertising investments from month to month and created audiences from which we would generate revenue while increasing a new user audience. 


We created the most accurate campaign structure in social media channels. We used advertising texts personalized according to the objectives of the campaigns.


After 3 months of brand awareness-focused work, we started using retargeting channels. We activated ads targeting remarketing and CRM Audiences. 


We increased the number of channels we advertised to 6. Also, increased social media cost to have more site traffic. While Taboola was getting new users with Pinterest, we retargeted with Criteo.


We made regular optimizations in the campaigns in order to reduce the rising costs due to the increasing competition. Thus, we aimed to use the budget in the most effective way.


Whichever channel we can get sessions with lower spending, we increased the spending there. We tried to find the best working audience and bid strategy by applying A / B tests in the campaigns where we converted.

Boostroas Boostroas

Hard work always pays


In addition to passing its peak on Black Friday last year, we also passed the days after Black Friday.

  • We increased new users by 118% 
  • We get 191% more revenue from paid channels and 120% more revenue from all channels.

Increased revenue from paid channels


Increased revenue from all channels.


New Users Increased by


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