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With the onset of the pandemic period, which affected the whole world, despite the decrease in metrics towards the end of March, acute declines in performance were prevented with the emergency application plans and instant touches created for the revenue increase.


The Approach:

A digital marketing operation cannot be considered without measurement so at first, we completed the Analytics Basic Setup project to ensure the accuracy of the measurement infrastructure. We made sure that the data flow towards the Analytics account before the ad activations. Subsequently, display and social advertisement banner designs needed to be improved; we carried out very close contact with design teams, developed banner designs together, and completed the infrastructure for display advertising work to be successful. In addition to Search, Shopping, GDN, Dynamic Youtube campaigns on the Google Ads, we completed all campaign setups for Facebook, Instagram platforms on the Social ads.

As the campaign periods realized on special days are critical periods for the increase in revenue, we made extra preliminary preparations. We organized special campaign constructions and video projects for advertising channels, remarketing, and new users. These works, which we have carried out, have provided us with an increase of 128% in revenue compared to the previous month and an increase of 233% in 2019 compared to the last month, on the first special day in our project roadmap.

Boostroas Boostroas

Hard work always pays


The results of 4 months of regular and agile work brought us a success story. Advertising costs decreased by 16%, with an increase of 123% in revenue. The conversion rate increased by 24%, Google Ads ROAS value increased by 194%. It is essential not to mention the benefits of new user campaigns that support brand awareness and increase the number of users on the remarketing list. While the total number of users increased by 67%, 69% of these users are new users.

Increase in revenue


Increase in cost


Increase in ROAS


Increase in CR


Increase in user


Increase in new user


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"This is a very short time to have a case study with the BoostRoas team. I am Suprised. We have just started working with this hardworking team. However, I can guess this success at the beginning because they made a big plan for all year. As a result of this plan, all of our ads met with the right target audience and achieved the best results with the right cost. Even in the pandemic period, our graphics continued to rise. I believe we will achieve much better results."

Selim Gökşin Co Founder / Managing Partner of Ecanta.com

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