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The advertisement competition of Dental Clinics in Turkey is quite high. As clinics compete with each other, they also raise CPCs considerably. Our challenge here was to lower our cost per click and increase our CTR.


The Approach:

We needed to streamline campaigns and implement different strategies to lower CPCs. 

Brand campaign had the name groups as İlker Arslan and Dentsuadiye together. We separated the Dentsuadiye name group as Pure Brand campaign, and we used ad groups as BMM and exact. 

Different name groups were used for each visual subject in Display campaigns, this always dispersed the budget and caused each ad group to spend different CPCs. With the change we made, we used three name groups as similar audience, custom audience and affinity audience, and all images without separating them. With this strategy, we’ve seen a 20% increase in conversions, as well as a decrease in CPCs for Display campaigns. 

In search campaigns, we regularly negative search terms that work with high CPC but that do not bring conversions, and as a result of all this work, boom! We’ve managed to reduce costs per click by 30%! We observed a 25% increase in CTR with a 30% decrease in CPCs.

Boostroas Boostroas

Hard work always pays


We managed to decrease CPCs by 30%, and increase CTR by 25%.

CPC Decreased


CTR Increased


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