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The right targeting in e-commerce brings sales. Regardless of which channel we get the best deals, giving more budget and effort to best campaigns is the most critical factor in increasing sales. We took insights from last year’s metrics for social media. What we learned from data is, we should use age groups and create separate communication on men and women gender groups. We should focus on product-oriented campaigns (such as carousels, dynamic). Accordingly, we opened 30+ campaigns and optimized them.

Another challenge is the budget allocation, we can lose a lot if we do not hold the end of the rope tightly because of the incredible competition, and search volume increased instantly near February 14. Campaign budgets were remarkably enough since February 10, but after that, relevant search volumes started to grow incredibly, and we need to reallocate. It was necessary to keep control by controlling the budget and aggressiveness a few times a day, especially in the last days.


The Approach:

We started by identifying the performance criteria we want to reach, determined goals. The installation of the Analytics measurement infrastructure completed after we made sure that the data flow was correct and the number of report downloads was measured. The target audience we wanted to reach was a very niche audience. For this reason, choosing the right advertisement channel and using correct discourses was very critical. However LinkedIn seemed to be the right channel for 500startups, it was not preferred because the advertising costs were quite high. So that the search channel was preferred instead of it. The Google Ads account structure was created from scratch, and the strategy was determined. The approach on the Facebook channel, which was considered worthy of trying on the social circuit didn’t very cost-effective. So that most of the budget was allocated to search ads.

Primarily; DSA, competitor, and brand campaigns were activated, and continuous optimizations were carried out. As the audience is niche, the relevant users were attracted to the site by using as many keywords as possible. Due to the use of broad match, often negative studies were performed. Crossly negatived keywords between campaigns, also device-based bid adjustment performed. The game-changing point was the bidding strategy, we pulled the manual CPC to maximize conversion, and a rapid increase in the number of downloads observed.

Boostroas Boostroas

Hard work always pays


Inıtially average CPCs were around $3; it fell to 0.40 cents with several optimizations. 90% of obtained users were new user, an averagely 20% of these users who came to the page filled out the form. Overall, CPL decreased from $7 to $5.

CPL decreased below 5$ from 30$


CPC decreased below 4cent from 3$


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"I'd be happy to provide a testimonial for you to include in the case study. How is this: "Working with Boostroas has been both effective and incredibly seamless. The team built out a clear roadmap from the beginning on how to drive leads for our report via google ads. They kept me updated on the weekly results and optimizations across the campaign and continued to bring in leads at a lower cost week over week. Overall the communication was very fluid and we were satisfied with the results. I would definitely recommend that as a paid marketing partner."

Janelle Apaydin Marketing, Innovation & Partnerships | 500 Startups

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