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5 Consequent Years of Success on European Search Awards 🏆

This is Müge from BoostRoas data-driven marketing team. It’s not a typical success story; the result of a passion that still exists within us! 💪🏻 Taking the success we have achieved locally to the global market and sharing our learnings has always been our greatest passion. We have grown over 150 e-commerce and b2b companies across 15 industries during […]

Müge Kürüm

April 26, 2022 . 2 min read

How did I Learn Video SEO?

Berna Bakır here! After having 8 years of experience in performing art, I started applying my know-how for YouTube videos to increase videos’ views and audience retention. Over the past few months, I decided to go one step further and commenced a pleasant journey. Learning Video SEO! It all started with me being a part […]

Berna Bakir

August 19, 2021 . 6 min read

The Challenges I Faced While Learning SEO Fundamentals

Yunus Yaşar here! I’ll start a little with about my past. When Yahoo was created, I was not even on earth and was a tiny child when Google was first launched. So, I didn’t witness the first steps of the most popular search engines, and apparently, it wasn’t my childhood dream to be an SEO. […]

Yunus Yaşar

August 18, 2021 . 5 min read

How to Optimize Late-Discovered Largest Contentful Paint Element?

Core Web Vitals metric is one of Google’s essential criteria for measuring the quality of your websites, such as their user experience and site opening speed. These metrics have gained even more importance with the Page Experience algorithm update, which is rolling out until the end of August 2021. One of these metrics is Largest […]

Adem Yıldız

August 17, 2021 . 5 min read

Simple Ways To Improve Google Ads Conversion Rate

  In Google Ads, we planned an optimization strategy for an e-commerce brand based on the conversion rate, which is essential for increasing ad effectiveness. Our campaign performance has increased by 10x as a result of this work. Following a brief explanation of what e-commerce rate is and how it is optimized, I’ll go into […]

Esra Kadı

June 28, 2021 . 3 min

Why do clients decide to work with an SEO agency?

When we are questioning something, from time to time, we must ask two questions ourselves: Why is it a reason, and for what reason is it a reason? In this blog post, we wanted to do teamwork, where we will share years of experience on why and when clients are looking for an SEO agency to work […]

Roman Adamita

June 21, 2021 . 9 min read

5 Steps to Using Standard Display Campaigns More Effectively

A standard display ad campaign should be created to raise brand awareness and more sessions on site. What should be done when observing that the sessions in the campaign are of poor quality and the bounce rate is quite high after creating a display campaign? Have you thought about that?  If wondering how can you […]

Tugaycan Aslan

June 08, 2021 . 4 min

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