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5 Consequent Years of Success on European Search Awards 🏆

This is Müge from BoostRoas data-driven marketing team. It’s not a typical success story; the result of a passion that still exists within us! 💪🏻 Taking the success we have achieved locally to the global market and sharing our learnings has always been our greatest passion. We have grown over 150 e-commerce and b2b companies across 15 industries during […]

Müge Kürüm

April 26, 2022 . 2 min read

How to Implement Search Intent in SEO Strategies?

I’m Nefise, one of the “SEO Painkillers” team members. Here to share with you the recap of our latest Weekly SEO stream from on Feb 4, 2022 Lidia Infante was our guest with her comprehensive knowledge and experience in SEO, and we are pleased to host her. We talked about User Intent in this episode, […]

Nefise Taş

February 18, 2022 . 8 min.

TurkNet Multiple Location Targeting

TurkNet is one of Turkey’s leading internet service providers in the telecommunication sector, making all sales and promotions through call center and digital channels. It provides its customers with a “freedom internet experience” with unlimited, non-committal and high-speed internet advantages. By promoting the fiber product, which provides faster internet service than Turkey’s average, we aimed […]

Esra Kadı

February 18, 2022 . 4 min read

What Are the Benefits of YouTube for Small Businesses?

YouTube is among one the best platforms for brands to gain awareness and create engagement; however, it is not the only reason to have a YouTube channel as YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web. Brands endeavour to locate themselves into the first place in their competitiveness field, and this is a […]

Berna Bakir

February 16, 2022 . 6 min to read

What Are The Digital Marketing Challenges in Healthcare Industry?

I’m Nefise, one of the “SEO Painkillers” team members. Here to share with you the recap of our latest Weekly SEO stream from last Friday, on 28 January 2022. As you might know, our goal with the Weekly SEO live streams is to keep you updated in the SEO industry. We share updates, strategies, tactics, […]

Nefise Taş

February 03, 2022 . 11 minutes

Is Field Data or Lab Data More Important for SEO?

With the Page Experience algorithm update coming recently, Lab data and Field data have become among the most talked-about concepts in SEO communities. Let’s dive into the depths of our blog post, where we examine Lab data and Field data from simple to detailed. What is Lab Data? What is the Value of SEO?   […]

Adem Yıldız

February 02, 2022 . 9 minutes

How Did I Get Started Learning Performance Marketing?

Hey, Ceyda’s here! In my first blog post, I decided to write about my journey to Digital Marketing and the Performance Marketing world. Hope this writing can be a guide for those who don’t know where to start! Some may wonder how come I want to become a Performance Marketer or even choose Digital Marketing […]

Ceyda Pınar

January 11, 2022 . 5 min read

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