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5 Consequent Years of Success on European Search Awards 🏆

This is Müge from BoostRoas data-driven marketing team. It’s not a typical success story; the result of a passion that still exists within us! 💪🏻 Taking the success we have achieved locally to the global market and sharing our learnings has always been our greatest passion. We have grown over 150 e-commerce and b2b companies across 15 industries during […]

Müge Kürüm

April 26, 2022 . 2 min read

Google Analytics 4.0

It’s been almost a year since Google released the new & the fourth version of analytics “Google Analytics 4.0”. The previous three updates were Urchin, Classic & Universal Analytics – the one before the GA4.0 People are still confused about the difference between the previous ones. This article will highlight the differences, features & advantages […]

Erdem Demirli

April 18, 2022 . 6 min read

Getting the Most Out of Google Search Console’s Coverage Reports

I am Nefise, one of the team members of “SEO Painkillers”. I am here to share a summary of our latest Weekly SEO of March 18, 2022. In this episode of SEO Weekly, Ohio-based Technical SEO strategist Brenda Malone delves into the Coverage Report in Google Search Console. Host: Roman Adamita, Director of SEO at […]

Nefise Taş

April 07, 2022 . 8 min.

How I Met Google? Where do We Type Queries on the Computer?

Hello everyone! I’m Nefise, one of the latest discoveries of BoostRoas’ SEO team. I want to tell you how my BoostRoas journey began. Getting started has always been difficult. To start a new career, start a new article, start a new job or even start reading. That’s why I want to make an introduction that […]

Nefise Taş

April 06, 2022 . 6 minutes to read

DMT Journey from a Person’s Perspective Outside Of The Digital World

Hi there! I’m Deniz and I just finished my DMT journey. I want to explain my experience in this new career road for me. Let’s start with the beginning and the reasons why I chose this career. First of all, it’s a new sector for me as an architect. It wouldn’t be wrong if I […]

A Newbie’s SEO Journey in Three Months

Hey everyone, it’s İlksu Derin Özkan! In this blog post, I will give a glimpse of my first ever experience in SEO and BoostRoas. But first, let me begin by telling you a little about myself.  Who is İlksu? I started working at BoostRoas as an intern in the SEO department around 3 months ago. […]

A Newbie’s SEO Journey in Three Months

March 08, 2022 . 5 minutes to read

Data Studio for SEOs: Reporting Automation Tips

I’m Nefise, one of the “SEO Painkillers” team members. Here to share with you the recap of our latest Weekly SEO from on Feb 18, 2022 Lazarina Stoy was our guest in our last Weekly SEO stream. In this episode where we talk about Data Studio, Lazarina gave us some great templates and tips about […]

Nefise Taş

March 02, 2022 . 10 min.

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