Case Studies

Non-Brand Organic Traffic Raised By %900!

Saat&Saat Blog is an e-commerce website blog that sells watches, and that has also offline stores all over Turkey. Our objective is to gain position in keywords that support the sale and acquisition of new user (high-traffic potential keywords), and to be visible to people who search related keywords about ‘’watch’’. Challenges: Our biggest challenge…

Case Studies

Google Shopping ROAS Boost

Although Google Shopping allows companies to promote hundreds of products using the familiar shopping feed, it doesn’t let you choose specific keywords like Google Search ads do. A1 Security Cameras’ impressive catalogue of 15,000+ products only made this task much harder.

Case Studies

Lower Ad Spend, Steady Conversions

Ad spend is more or less linked to conversion rates directly. Increasing ad spend increases impression rates, which invariably boosts the conversion metric. Conversely, reducing the ad spend usually causes a dip in conversion as well.

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