June 08, 2021

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A standard display ad campaign should be created to raise brand awareness and more sessions on site. What should be done when observing that the sessions in the campaign are of poor quality and the bounce rate is quite high after creating a display campaign? Have you thought about that? 

If wondering how can you use Display Network campaigns more effectively, let’s take a look at  how we can use display campaigns more effectively in 5 steps :

Step 1: Use Effective Visuals

The images you use in display campaigns should be remarkable at first glance. Issues to be considered in the visuals:
  • In your images, you should use an image and text that indicates your service.
  • You should use Call To Action in your images.
  • You should use striking color tones in your images.

Step 2: Use a Responsive Display Campaign

Standart display campaigns have two ad types, standard and responsive ads. If you want to create a better quality display campaign, you should definitely use the responsive ad type. You can promote your product with responsive ad-type headlines and descriptions and use Call To Action.


Responsive Display Ad & Standart Display Ad

Step 3: Negative Mobile Apps

In Display campaigns, if you have not created a mobile application campaign, you should exclude mobile applications in the campaigns that you present to the new user audience. The reason for this is that Display ads in the mobile application are quite sensitive to incorrect clicks. Of course, you do not exclude in your remarketing targeting because the rate of accidental clicks on mobile apps ads by the remarketing audience is lower than the new user audience.


Exclusions of Placement - Google Ads

Step 4: Check Where Your Ads Are Appearing

Don’t forget to check which sites your display campaign is shown on. Neither of us would want your ads to be shown on gaming, spam, or inappropriate websites, would we? From Placements> Where Ads Showed, you can see the websites where your ad is displayed, and you can contribute to your campaign by excluded unsuitable websites. You can collect the websites you want not to be displayed ads in this area in a placement exclude list, and you can use this list in the display campaigns you open later.


Where ads showed

Step 5: Use Custom Audience

The Custom Audience area is an indispensable area for Display campaigns. You can target users based on their interests and Google searches, as well as show your own display ads to the users of your competitors by targeting competitor websites in this area. You can find
lots of such features on Custom Audience:
Audience name - Google Ads
  • People With Any Of These Interests or Purchase Intentions

In this field, enter keywords that describe your users’ interests or products and services they are actively searching to purchase. Your ads will reach users with these interests or purchase intentions based on your campaign settings.

  • People who searched for any of these terms on Google

Enter the keywords that users who may be relevant to you use on Google. Your ads will only reach people who search for these and similar keywords in Google campaigns. In other campaigns, terms will be used as an interest or purchase intent.


  • People Who Browse Similar Websites 

Enter the URLs your ideal users can visit. Your ads will reach people browsing websites similar to the URLs you entered. You can also target your competitors here.

Note: This does not mean that your ads will show on these URLs.


  • People Who Use Apps Similar to

Enter the names of apps that you think your ideal users might use. Your ads will reach users who download and use apps similar to the ones you enter. Note: This doesn’t mean that your ads will show on those apps.


  • People Who Visited These Places

Enter the types of places where your users might spend time. For example, you can enter places like a hair salon, supermarket, or cafe.
People who visited these places - Google Ads
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